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~All Fragrances Listed are Safe for use in
Bath & Body Products,
EXCEPT : Clove, Country Bumpkin, Cherry Clove Chutney
The Great Pumpkin, Cinnamon Roll with Vanilla Icing  ~
All Fragrances listed are good for Soy Or Paraffin Base Candles, as well as all warmers...
New Fragrance Coming Soon!!

New Fragrances NOW AVAILABLE!!

Pumpkin Caramel Crunch
Coconut Water & Mango BBW type
 Coconut Pumpkin Latte

Apple Butter - Apple with Rich Butter Cream and Cinnamon
Baby Powder -  Just Like Johnson & Johnson
Baked Apple Pie - Just like Grandma Used to make 
Banana Nut Muffin - ripe banana, brown sugar, churned butter, sugar cane, ground cinnamon,
                                   clove bud, chopped walnuts, vanilla extract & whipped cream
Be Delicious - Donna Karan Type
Berry Brulee - Smooth Strawberry with yummy creme brulee for a very delicious treat 
Black Cherry -
Black Ice Type - Clean Fresh , aldehyde & citrusy Top Notes with slightly fruity & floral
                       (Jasmine & lily of the valley) Middle Notes enhanced by long lasting woody,
                       musky , mossy & ambergris type Bottom notes  
Black Magic - Fresh blend of Fir Tree, Spices, and smooth Vanilla notes
Black Raspberry & Vanilla - smooth blend of raspberry with a touch of vanilla 
Blue Christmas - a classic holiday fragrance of orange peels, cloves, fir needles and cinnamon sticks
Blueberry -
Blueberry Cheesecake - 
Brandied Fruit - Warm Brandy with mixed Fruit
Butt Naked - Smooth belnd of Peach, Melon, Coconut, Strawberry & Vanilla
Butterscotch Candies - creamy butterscotch... just like the Worthers Original Candy 
Cake Bake - Fresh out of the oven Cakes
Campfire -
Candy Cane -
Candy Corn -
Caramel -
Caramel Apple -
Caribbean Coconut -
Cherry Amaretto - sweet cherry blended with Amaretto
Chestnuts & Brown Sugar -
Chocolate Cake - Warm Devils food Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Mint 
Christmas Rumball - Sensuous blend of Citrus, Congac, fruits and Vanilla
Christmas Splendor - Holiday cinnamon and spice
Christmas Tree - Fresh Cut Pine tree
Cinnamon & Sandalwood -
Cinnamon Crunch - Cinnamon with a Smooth Creamy Vanilla
Cinnamon Roll with Vanilla Icing - *NOT SKIN SAFE *
Cinnamon Stix - Perfect Cinnamon for anytime
Cinnamon Toasted Almonds - Fresh Roasted Cinnamon Almonds from the fair
Clean Cotton -
Clothes Line - Fresh Linen right off the line
Clove - Fresh Clove, *****Not Safe For Skin Use!*****
Clover Fields -
Coconut Pumpkin Latte BBW type
Coconut Water & Mango BBW type 
Coffee Cake & Spice -
Coffee Caramel Cream - Fresh Coffee with a Smooth blend of Warn Caramel, and rich Cream
Cotton Candy - warm sweet cotton candy right from the fair
Cranberry Peach Cider -  
Creme Brulee - wonderful chocolate & mocha
Cucumber Melon - duplicate from B&B Works
Downy - smells just like the dryer sheets
Natural Eucalyptus -
Fantasy - Brittany Spears Type
Floating Driftwood-A mixture of spicy, citrusy and green top notes complimented by floral
                           middle notes of Lavender & Jasmine woody, musk and mossy bottom notes.
Frankincense & Myrrh -  
Freesia - soft floral from B&B Works
French Vanilla - rich vanilla with buttery cream
Fresh Cut Roses - Imagine your own fresh rose garden
Fresh Orange & Peel -
Fresh Peach -
Fresh Strawberry -
Fruit Blast - sweet and tangy fruit blend all rolled into one!! 
Fruit Loops - Citrusy, aldehydic, caramelic top notes with Floral and Bergamot middle notes
 enhanced with a sugary sweetness of Cotton Candy and Creamy Vanilla with a hint of Sandalwood  
Gain "laundry type" -  
Gardenia -
Gingerbread - warm holiday gingerbread
Grandma's Kitchen - warm blend of apple cinnamon and spice, just like grandma's kitchen
Grammy's Zucchini Bread - Piping hot Zucchini Bread with warm spices
Grapefruit - 
Green Apple - sweet, tangy & delicious
Heavenly - Vs Type....
Holidazzle - an uplifting combination of cranberry juice, bayberry, fir needles, clove & vanilla
Hollyberry Mistletoe - fruity, green , piney top notes, spicy & berry sweet  middle notes
                                                 cotton candy , mossy, musky sweet raspberry bottom notes
Honeysuckle -
Hyacinth -
Island Paradise - (Coconut Honeysuckle & Passionfruit) - a fruity combo of coconut, pineapple
       & Berry top notes with a floral middle of jasmine, gardenia, honeysuckle & orange blossom
       on a base of sweet balsamic vanilla
Jamaica Me Crazy - Clean Citrusy Fresh and Coconuty Type Top Notes with Fruity (Apple and Peach & Raspberry) Type Middle Notes enchanced
         by long lasting Sweet Cotton Candy Type Bottom Notes 
J&J Bedtime Bath (Soothing Lavender) - duplicate of the J&J type soother lavender
                                               baby wash. Very relaxing Lavender fragrance 
Joyeux Noel - a warm inviting bouquet of vanilla beans, cinnamon, coconut and cassia
Juicy Sweet Cherry -
Lavender Vanilla -  Febreze Type, Lavender fields with smooth vanilla notes
Leather -
Lemon Meringue Pie - fresh from the oven
Lemongrass - sweet grass with a hint of lemon
Lemon Poppyseed Cake - candied lime savors, lemon syrup, bergamot extract, poppy-seed
                      muffin, brown sugar, marshmellow fluff, vanilla cake batter, clove but & white musk.
Lilac - fresh lilac
Love Spell - V/S type
Magnolia - duplicate from B&B Works
Mango Papaya -  Green Fruity Mango  & Juicy Melon top notes , with Peach and Berries type of middle notes , sitting on base of sweet  Cotton Candy and Musky bottom notes
Maple -  Warm Fresh Maple
Maple Cinnamon Twist - Warm maple with a hint of fresh cinnamon
Melonberry - Sweet juicy watermelon with Strawberry & Blueberry
Midnight Rose - Fresh Rose bouquet with masculine spice notes 
Mid Summer Night - Yankee candles version of Drakkar Cologne
Monkey Farts - tropical Banana with a hint of coconut and grapefruit
Moonlight Path - B&B Works Duplicate, Clean Soft powder with floral hints 
Mulberry - mulled holiday fruit
Mulled Cider -
Muscadine Grape -
Nag Champa - Natural Macsuline earth tone fragrance
Night Blooming Jasmine - B&BW type
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - B&BW type
Ocean Mist - Fresh clean Ocean breeze
Orange Dreamsicle - Sweet orange with Vanilla Cream
Oregon Pine Needle -
Patchouli -
Pearberry - B&B Works duplicate, Crisp pear with fresh berries
Peppermint -
Peppermint Bark -  
Pineapple -
Pink Lemonade -
Pink Sugar - duplicate from Aqualina
Plumeria - B&B Works Duplicate, sweet clean floral
Pomegranate - Sweet Tropical fruit
Pumpkin & Vanilla - rich pumpkin pie with whipped vanilla topping
Pumpkin Caramel Crunch -  
Pumpkin Creme Brulee - Cardamom, ground cinnamon, vermont maple, pumpkin puree,
                      carrot, whipped cream, rum, caramelized sugar, french vanilla
Pumpkin Pecan Waffle - Sweet Maple , Buttery & Pecan top notes with Creamy & Spicy middle notes and just enough sprinkling of Brown Sugar enhanced by along lasting vanilla base
Relaxation -
Salted Caramel - Creamy rich buttery Caramel and Maple  top notes with slightly spicy
                                   and Coco nutty  middle notes Sweet Vanilla bottom notes
Sandalwood - woodsy, masculine fragrance
Sex On The Beach - tropical fruit and floral blend
Sleigh Ride - a warm woodsy bouquet mixed with pine needle, bayleaf & cinnamon
South Pacific Waters - ocean mist, sea moss, dewy cyclamen petals, geranium
                    flower, water mint, coriander seed, white cedarwood, earthy vetiver. 
Spearmint Candy- Fresh Spearmint and Peppermint Type Top Notes with slightly
                    fruity middle notes enhanced by long lasting vanilla cotton candy bottom notes ..
Spiced Apples & Peaches - Warm Apple cider with light peach notes
Spring Rain - fresh rain with floral notes
Stargazer Lily -
Strawberries & Champagne - duplicate from Victoria Secrets
Strawberry Shortcake -
Sugar Cookies - duplicate from Yankee Candle
Sugared Cranberries - Tangy cranberries with sweet aftertones
Sugared Spruce - Holiday Spruce with tangy sugar notes
Sun Rippened Raspberries - B&B Works duplicate
Sun Washed Linen - Fresh Linen with floral notes
Sweet Honey Dew - sweet ripe honey dew melon
Sweet Pea - B&B Works Duplicate, fresh & Clean
Sweet Potato Pie 
Tis The Season - a creamy eggnog toddy sprinkled with pumpkin pie & spices
Toasted Hazelnut - duplicate from Yankee Candle
Tropical Islands - sweet floral blend of Honeysuckle and hybiscus ** Temp Out Of Stock **
True Lavender -
Twilight - B&BW type -  
 Twisted Peppermint - B&BW type -
Vanilla & Fresh Berries - rich creamy vanilla with fresh strawberry
Vanilla Crunch - rich creamy vanilla with a touch of Caramel
Vicks Vapor Rub - great for a stopped up head!
Warm Vanilla Sugar - B&B Works duplicate rich warm vanilla with sweet sugar notes
Watermelon -
White Tea & Ginger - B&BW Type
New Fragrance Coming Soon - Descriptions :


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